Your attic plays a much bigger role than extra storage space; it also provides ventilation and insulation for your home. The problem is that there are too many myths concerning the ventilation properties of the attic. As such, people get the wrong idea and often overlook this critical part of maintaining good indoor air quality.

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Kerrigan Roofing and Restoration is one of the top roofers in Columbus, Ohio and its neighboring areas. In this article, we debunk these three myths about attic ventilation:

Myth #1 – Attic vents reduce energy efficiency in the winter

Warm air rises and escapes through exposed spaces, which is why people think venting will make it harder to heat their homes. This is simply untrue because if heat escapes on those cold winter days, it is a sign that you need better attic insulation, not less ventilation.

To confirm, wait until the sun sets, then measure the temperature in your attic. If it isn’t anything close to the outside temperature, then something is wrong with the insulation. We offer topnotch insulation that will not only lower your energy bills, but will also provide better soundproofing.

Myth #2 –More attic ventilation is better

You do need a certain number of attic vents to maximize ventilation, but having surplus can cause problems. Keep in mind that vents are essentially roof penetrations. Too many openings can leave your attic vulnerable to wind and rain damage.

So how much ventilation do you need? The rule of thumb recommends one foot of ventilation for every 300 feet of attic space. That said, you shouldn’t make any move until you have consulted your trusted roofing contractor in Columbus, OH.

Myth #3 – Attic ventilation is only for warm climates

On the contrary, attic ventilation can actually do more for homes in colder climates. For instance, it can prevent moisture damage, which applies to colder climates more than warmer ones.

Many people believe that venting relieves pressure from heat buildup on warm days, but there are other factors that influence energy efficiency in your home. These include the color of the shingles, level of sun exposure, and proper insulation.

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