Remodeling your roof takes careful planning. Aside from the costs, you also have to think of its possible effect on the rest of the house. You would want a roof that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So how do you go about it?

Kerrigan Roofing and Restoration, a top provider of quality roofing in Columbus, OH, provides a few tip tips.

Match-Made Roofing

Decorations and extensive landscaping aside, your roof has to look even better, as it takes up 40 percent of your house’s visible exterior. If you’re planning to remodel, always remember to match the style and look of your roof with your siding. This will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal.


Before having your roof done, you should hire professionals to inspect for any damage. Have contractor look for signs of nail pops through the shingles, missing shingles, creased shingles, hail damage, blistering shingles. Examining for large ice dams at your roof’s edges would also help. Check your attic space for leaking or water damage, as well. Upgrading your roof would go more smoothly if you determine other factors that would affect the project.

Think of the Materials

What’s your roof made of? Due to its low cost, asphalt shingles are the commonly used material in almost 75 percent of American roofs. Asphalt products come organic, made of cellulose fibers and fiberglass. Both are weather-resistant and have a lot of styles, colors, and textures to fit your needs. Though fiberglass shingles are frailer in the winter, it’s better at fire and moisture resistance.

Find Something Else

There are other options for shingles. There is a new asphalt shingle available (Glenwood, shown below) that is made to imitate the wood shake roofing system with a fire safe product. It is also possible to have your contractor use slate or tile.

No Shame in Asking

If you want to cover all the bases on your roof remodeling project, you can always have your trusted roofing contractor assess the state of your roof and rely on their expertise. At Kerrigan Roofing and Restoration, we provide quality residential and commercial roofing in Columbus, OH. Switching a damaged roof for a new, better-looking, and sturdy one is worth the expense, with a great return on investment. For both functionality and style, look no further.

Remodeling your roof is easier if you leave it in our hands. Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection and estimate.

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